NASA May Have Found the Goldilocks Planet of Goldilocks Planets- TOI 700 d

If you ask astronomers how many planets in the universe harbor life, they will likely say there are only two possible answers: one or infinity. We can rule out zero,… Read more

‘It Moved Me to Tears.’ William Shatner On Briefly Going Where Some Men Have Gone Before

On Oct. 13, actor William Shatner, 90, best known for his role as Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk, went to space for real aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard… Read more

Polypharmacy Killed My Son. He’s Not Alone

Five years ago, my 21-year-old son Bradley died of psychiatric drug interactions, after years of battling anxiety, depression, and an eating disorderคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. In most respects, Bradley was very much… Read more

Does the beauty industry need to become more transparent with consumers-

The results come from the 2018 FIT Transparency Perception Assessment Survey, a global study carried out by students on the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Master of Professional Studies program in… Read more

China lodges tariff case at WTO against the U.S.

The United States began imposing 15% tariffs on a variety of Chinese goods on Sunday and China began imposing new duties on U.S. crude oil, the latest escalation in their… Read more

Parade partners with TerraCycle to recycle used underwear

At a time when recycling, upcycling, and secondhand clothes are taking root in consumers’ wardrobes, the underwear issue persists. To remedy this, and help reduce textile waste generated by this… Read more

Paris shops’ sales halved as strikes bring chaos to the city

The start of winter sales on Wednesday – traditionally a big event for French retailers – is unlikely to make up for a dismal Christmas period, when he took home… Read more

Textile microplastics damage lung cells says new study

That’s according to research carried out by scientists at Groningen University, The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.  And such findings aren’t something the fashion sector… Read more

U.S. House’s antitrust report hints at break-up of Big Tech firms

The House antitrust subcommittee is expected to publish its report this week on Inc, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Google owner Alphabet Inc.A Buck representative confirmed to Reuters the… Read more

US fashion world asks- where are all the black designers-

For that matter, is there such a thing as black fashion, and should black designers feel the weight and responsibility of their history and heritage?A symposium held by the Fashion… Read more
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