Current project

Build day center for elderly: During my work in the villages among the poorest people I have discovered that there is a shortage of care for the elderly. In Moldova, life is not easy for elderly people living in the villages. Many older people have a pension of 600 lei per month (about 30 euro). In the villages around Costesti older people do not have running water at home. Which means they do not shower at home, have toilet or washing machine. The day center we want to give them the opportunity to take a shower, wash their clothes in a washing machine, and we will also cater.

We like the elderly and children from Costesti in contact with each other and spend a couple of times a week to do at the day center together creative activities.


projects 2018

– Day Centre for children: A day centre for children from the village I started. There is a programme in which children their gifts and talents on creative and/or sport can bring reflected. Through the children of the day centre we try also to maintain good contact with the parents and the other family members. This will allow us to identify problems early and try with the parents (as far as present) to find solutions, especially alcoholism and aggression is a concern. The children can follow English classes. In Moldova young people barely speak to no English. I give music lessons (Guitar, drum, piano, flute) and we are having a number of children started a band. In two villages, children can participate in a Bible course. In the summer we organize creacieve, sports and play activities for children from different villages.
– Crisis care for children. Social work has 4 Once children placed who rushed from home had to be placed.
– Seeds project:The seeds project is a collaboration with the Bolster in Netherlands which is a part of her business in Moldova has established. The seeds that are grown here organically going directly for exporting to Netherlands. We bring people from the villages in contact with dairy, in the hope that they thereby in Moldova continue to work rather than to leave their families and work in Russia or Italy.
– Straathonden project: This project focuses on reducing street dogs in Moldova by sterilizing stray dogs. This is done in collaboration with a local veterinarian and Animal Emergency Foundation which arranges internships for students. Students help local veterinarian in carrying out the operations. This allows the trainee to gain experience and the local vet and students can develop and learn from each other surgical techniques used in the Netherlands and Moldova.
– General humanitarian aid, handing out clothing, Christmas packages: The Christmas packages are intended for lonely elderly people who no longer have family that can provide for them and for poor families who are financially hardly can keep their heads above water. I want to surprise them and make happy with a Christmas package in which much-needed foods and a little something extra special for the Christmas party.
Clothing we share to the very poorest people in the villages.
Visiting hulpbehoefende elderly and disabled people in the villages and help them in appropriate.
– Summer working holidays: During this working holiday is worked to a construction project in the morning and an afternoon programme for children organized in the villages. This happened in cooperation with organisations from different countries including England, The UNITED STATES and Netherlands. Next summer we're going to refurbish homes of people in the villages who live in terrible conditions.

completed projects:
-Instance tap water in hospital:
In Saptebani is a hospital that formerly functioned as a hospital for Saptebani and a number of villages around here. After the fall of communism because of the collapse of the economy, and so lack of money, the function of the hospital here and there changed, What now amounts to basic health care.
The doctor has years tried to find a sponsor to revamp the medical post. He also tried at a high level to get money from the government, but to no avail. Because of the regional function, I decided to help the hospital. For example, they had no water and drain within. They took the water from the well. It is really important for a hospital to have in just running water from a faucet.
-Building toilets in the school in Saptebani: The children took advantage of an outdoor toilet. This meant; a few holes in the ground without a sink to wash your hands. The toilets are now within in the school built so the kids don't need out in the winter cold and they also wash their hands can.

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