Moldova has an eventful history behind. Of a Turkish domination to Romanian and then since the Second World War under Russian domination. On 27 August 1991 declared the Soviet Republic of Moldova is independent.

In Moldova live Romanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Gagaoezen (a Christian Turkish people) one Bulgarian.

Although the official language is Romanian is in every village a different language is spoken.

Moldova is slightly smaller area than the Netherlands, with approximately 4.000.000 residents.

Many sources mention that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, where workers average 100,- euros per month. Moldova is also registered as a Third World country. It also has a high number of unemployed, especially in the villages. This seems partly to be because at the time of the Soviet Union, private companies were prohibited.

Search Today many Moldovans work in Moscow, Italy and Israel, where many children with their grandparents or neighbors are left. One in four children in the country is growing up with one or two parents abroad. Because the working class subsides there are older people who are in dire situations remain.

Two other problems in this country playing his alcoholism and trafficking. A survey has shown that more alcohol is purchased in Moldova than in Russia. Alcoholism also has an impact on the family problems. In addition, there seem to be thousands of women missing in Moldova because of the women. Especially young women from vulnerable families and boarding schools are at risk to be recruited for this.

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